Dua for studying something difficult

Dua for Studying Something Difficult Studying something difficult can be challenging, especially if the material is complex or the subject matter is unfamiliar. However, with the right mindset and approach, anyone can tackle even the most difficult of studies. One powerful tool that can help with this is the practice of making dua, or supplications […]

Dua for Parents Health and Long Life in Quran

Dua for Parents Health and Long Life in Quran Parents’ happiness is very important for every family and every obedient ancestor prays for their good health and long life. In Islam taking care of the old parents has specific value and proud moment for children to do it. On many occasions in Quran, it highly […]

Surah Kausar in Arabic

Surah Kausar

Surah Kausar in Arabic Surah Al Kawsar contains only three verses and is the shortest Surah of the holy Quran.This is Makki surah because it was descended on the holy prophet in Mekka before migration to Madina.

Dua to Pass Driving Test

Dua to Pass Driving Test

Dua to Pass Driving Test Appropriate options relieve the fear of the driving test. By proper choices, we mean your choice of when to apply for the driving test; if your life at present is full of challenges and concerns, perhaps it is better to postpone the driving test a little. Or are you afraid […]

Dua e qunoot word to word Engliah Urdu translation

دعاء القنوت

Dua e qunoot word to word English and Urdu translation To learn Dua e qunoot it is best to translate it from Arabic language to  English and Urdu word to word .In this way you can easily understand its meaning and it  become easy to memorize. I am hopeful that this will help you to […]

Dua Qunoot with urdu traslation and Pdf

دعاء القنوت

Dua Qonoot with English Urdu Translation(Download Pdf) Qunoot is defined as: supplication, submission, obedience, worship, and prayer . Muslims recite Qunoot in the Witr prayer and at calamities and disasters, and in the five daily prayers, and it is in the last rak’ah before or after bowing; He, may God’s prayers and peace be upon […]